When running OpenShift in a single VM, you can reuse the Docker daemon managed by Minishift for other Docker use-cases as well. By using the same Docker daemon as Minishift, you can speed up your local development.

Console configuration

In order to configure your console to reuse the Minishift Docker daemon, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you have the Docker client binary installed on your machine. For information about specific binary installations for your operating system, see the Docker installation site.

  2. Start Minishift with the minishift start command.

  3. Run the minishift docker-env command to display the command you need to type into your shell in order to configure your Docker client. The command output will differ depending on OS and shell type.

    $ minishift docker-env
    export DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY="1"
    export DOCKER_HOST="tcp://"
    export DOCKER_CERT_PATH="/Users/john/.minishift/certs"
    export DOCKER_API_VERSION="1.24"
    # Run this command to configure your shell:
    # eval $(minishift docker-env)
  4. Test the connection by running the following command:

    $ docker ps

    If successful, the shell will print a list of running containers.