Update channels are tied to a minor version of OKD. For instance, OKD 4.10 update channels recommend updates to 4.10 and updates within 4.10. They also recommend updates within 4.9 and from 4.9 to 4.10 allowing all 4.9 to eventually update to 4.10, even if they do not immediately meet the minimum z-stream version requirements. They do not recommend updates to 4.11 or later releases. This strategy ensures that administrators explicitly decide to update to the next minor version of OKD.

Update channels control only release selection and do not impact the version of the cluster that you install. The openshift-install binary file for a specific version of OKD always installs that version.

OKD 4 offers the following update channel:

  • stable-4

Update channels

stable-4 channel

Releases are added to the stable-4 channel after passing all tests and stable-4 is the only supported channel.