You can migrate stateful application workloads between OKD 4 clusters at the granularity of a namespace by using the Migration Toolkit for Containers (MTC). To learn more about MTC see understanding MTC.

Installing MTC

You must install the Migration Toolkit for Containers Operator that is compatible for your OKD version:

Upgrading MTC

You can upgrade the MTC by using OLM.

Reviewing MTC checklists

Before you migrate your application workloads with the Migration Toolkit for Containers (MTC), review the premigration checklists.

Migrating applications

You can migrate your applications by using the MTC web console or the command line.

Advanced migration options

You can automate your migrations and modify the MigPlan and MigrationController custom resources in order to perform large-scale migrations and to improve performance. You can check the following items:

Rolling back a migration

You can roll back a migration by using the MTC web console, the CLI or manually.

Uninstalling MTC and deleting resources

You can uninstall the MTC and delete its resources to clean up the cluster.