The Knative (kn) CLI enables simple interaction with Knative components on OKD.

Key features

The Knative (kn) CLI is designed to make serverless computing tasks simple and concise. Key features of the Knative CLI include:

  • Deploy serverless applications from the command line.

  • Manage features of Knative Serving, such as services, revisions, and traffic-splitting.

  • Create and manage Knative Eventing components, such as event sources and triggers.

  • Create sink bindings to connect existing Kubernetes applications and Knative services.

  • Extend the Knative CLI with flexible plug-in architecture, similar to the kubectl CLI.

  • Configure autoscaling parameters for Knative services.

  • Scripted usage, such as waiting for the results of an operation, or deploying custom rollout and rollback strategies.

Installing the Knative CLI