Although there is no clear-cut migration path for v2 quickstart to v3 quickstart, the following quickstarts are currently available in v3. If you have an application with a database, rather than using oc new-app to create your application, then oc new-app again to start a separate database service and linking the two with common environment variables, you can use one of the following to instantiate the linked application and database at once, from your GitHub repository containing your source code. You can list all available templates with oc get templates -n openshift:


Run a git clone of one of the above template URLs locally. Add and commit your application source code and push a GitHub repository, then start a v3 quickstart application from one of the templates listed above:

  1. Create a GitHub repository for your application.

  2. Clone a quickstart template and add your GitHub repository as a remote:

    $ git clone <one-of-the-template-URLs-listed-above>
    $ cd <your local git repository>
    $ git remote add upstream <https://github.com/<git-id>/<quickstart-repo>.git>
    $ git push -u upstream master
  3. Commit and push your source code to GitHub:

    $ cd <your local repository>
    $ git commit -am “added code for my app”
    $ git push origin master
  4. Create a new application in v3:

    $ oc new-app --template=<template> \
    -p SOURCE_REPOSITORY_URL=<https://github.com/<git-id>/<quickstart_repo>.git> \
    -p DATABASE_USER=<your_db_user> \
    -p DATABASE_NAME=<your_db_name> \
    -p DATABASE_PASSWORD=<your_db_password> \
    -p DATABASE_ADMIN_PASSWORD=<your_db_admin_password> (1)
    1 Only applicable for MongoDB.

    You should now have 2 pods running, a web framework pod, and a database pod. The web framework pod environment should match the database pod environment. You can list the environment variables with oc set env pod/<pod_name> --list:




    • DATABASE_ADMIN_PASSWORD is now MONGODB_ADMIN_PASSWORD (only applicable for MongoDB)

      If no SOURCE_REPOSITORY_URL is specified, the template will use the template URL (https://github.com/openshift/<quickstart>-ex) listed above as the source repository, and a hello-welcome application will be started.

  5. If you are migrating a database, export databases to a dump file and restore the database in the new v3 database pod. Refer to the steps outlined in Database Applications, skipping the oc new-app step as the database pod is already up and running.