When upgrading your OKD cluster, there are two primary data migrations that take place. The first occurs while still running the current version of OKD, and the second happens after the upgrade completes.

If the pre-upgrade migration fails, the upgrade will be halted and the cluster administrator must resolve any data consistency problems before attempting the upgrade again. If the post-upgrade migration fails, the upgrade will complete and the cluster administrator should investigate the data migration issues as soon as possible. This document catalogs known data consistency problems and how to resolve them.

Missing NetworkPolicy Storage Migration Rules in 3.7.9-3.7.22

NetworkPolicy objects have migration errors in OKD versions 3.7.9 to 3.7.22, due to missing migration rules. (BZ#1570777)

Error Output
# oc adm --config=/etc/origin/master/admin.kubeconfig migrate storage --include=*  --confirm
E0423 16:04:43.881409 error:     -n policy networkpolicies/allow-all: NetworkPolicy.networking.k8s.io "allow-all" is invalid: spec: Forbidden: updates to networkpolicy spec are forbidden.
summary: total=1061 errors=1 ignored=0 unchanged=1010 migrated=49
info: to rerun only failing resources, add --include=networkpolicies
error: 1 resources failed to migrate

The solution is to upgrade the binaries to 3.7.23 or beyond and then migrate the storage. If upgrading to 3.9 or beyond, upgrade to 3.7.23 first, migrate the storage and then do a normal upgrade.