Notable changes and improvements in odo version 2.5.0

  • Creates unique routes for each component, using adler32 hashing

  • Supports additional fields in the devfile for assigning resources:

    • cpuRequest

    • cpuLimit

    • memoryRequest

    • memoryLimit

  • Adds the --deploy flag to the odo delete command, to remove components deployed using the odo deploy command:

    $ odo delete --deploy
  • Adds mapping support to the odo link command

  • Supports ephemeral volumes using the ephemeral field in volume components

  • Sets the default answer to yes when asking for telemetry opt-in

  • Improves metrics by sending additional telemetry data to the devfile registry

  • Updates the bootstrap image to registry.access.redhat.com/ocp-tools-4/odo-init-container-rhel8:1.1.11

  • The upstream repository is available at https://github.com/redhat-developer/odo

Bug fixes

  • Previously, odo deploy would fail if the .odo/env file did not exist. The command now creates the .odo/env file if required.

  • Previously, interactive component creation using the odo create command would fail if disconnect from the cluster. This issue is fixed in the latest release.

Getting support

For Product

If you find an error, encounter a bug, or have suggestions for improving the functionality of odo, file an issue in Bugzilla. Choose OpenShift Developer Tools and Services as a product type and odo as a component.

Provide as many details in the issue description as possible.

For Documentation

If you find an error or have suggestions for improving the documentation, file a Jira issue for the most relevant documentation component.