General troubleshooting


You want to generally troubleshoot issues with the File Integrity Operator.


Enable the debug flag in the FileIntegrity object. The debug flag increases the verbosity of the daemons that run in the DaemonSet pods and run the AIDE checks.

Checking the AIDE configuration


You want to check the AIDE configuration.


The AIDE configuration is stored in a config map with the same name as the FileIntegrity object. All AIDE configuration config maps are labeled with file-integrity.openshift.io/aide-conf.

Determining the FileIntegrity object’s phase


You want to determine if the FileIntegrity object exists and see its current status.


To see the FileIntegrity object’s current status, run:

$ oc get fileintegrities/worker-fileintegrity  -o jsonpath="{ .status }"

Once the FileIntegrity object and the backing daemon set are created, the status should switch to Active. If it does not, check the Operator pod logs.

Determining that the daemon set’s pods are running on the expected nodes


You want to confirm that the daemon set exists and that its pods are running on the nodes you expect them to run on.



$ oc -n openshift-file-integrity get pods -lapp=aide-worker-fileintegrity

Adding -owide includes the IP address of the node that the pod is running on.

To check the logs of the daemon pods, run oc logs.

Check the return value of the AIDE command to see if the check passed or failed.