Requirements for installing OKD on Azure Stack Hub

Before installing OKD on Microsoft Azure Stack Hub, you must configure an Azure account. See Configuring an Azure Stack Hub account for details about account configuration, account limits, DNS zone configuration, required roles, and creating service principals.

You must manually manage your cloud credentials when installing a cluster to Azure Stack Hub. Do this by configuring the Cloud Credential Operator (CCO) for manual mode before you install the cluster. For more information, see Manually creating IAM for Azure.

Choosing a method to install OKD on Azure Stack Hub

You can install OKD on Azure Stack Hub using user-provisioned infrastructure. This means you must manage and maintain the cluster resources yourself. Installing OKD on Azure Stack Hub using an installation program that automatically provisions the cluster infrastructure is not supported at this time.

See Installation process for more information about installer-provisioned and user-provisioned installation processes.

Installing a cluster on user-provisioned infrastructure

You can install a cluster on Azure Stack Hub infrastructure that you provision, by using the following method: