Kuryr (or Kuryr-Kubernetes) is one of the SDN choices for OKD. Kuryr uses an OpenStack networking service, Neutron, to connect pods to the network. With this method, pods can have inter-connectivity with OpenStack virtual machines (VMs), which is useful for OKD clusters deployed on OpenStack VMs.

Orphaned OpenStack Resources

All OpenStack resources created by Kuryr are tied to the OKD resources lifecycle .Manually deleting resources created by Kuryr, such as OpenStack VMs, can result in the OpenStack deployment having orphaned resources. This includes, but is not limited to, Neutron ports, Octavia, load balancers, networks, subnets, and security groups pre-created for Kuryr’s use. Orphaned resources can be properly removed by looking up the resource IDs found within the kuryr.conf file. Alternatively, if the Kuryr resources were created by a separate OpenStack user, you can query the OpenStack APIs with the associated user name.