After installing your cluster, you can uninstall the Operator Lifecycle Manager by using the OKD openshift-ansible installer.

Uninstalling Operator Lifecycle Manager using Ansible

After installing your cluster, you can use this procedure with the OKD openshift-ansible installer to uninstall the Technology Preview Operator Framework.

You must check the following prerequisites before uninstalling the Technology Preview Operator Framework:

  • An existing OKD 3.11 cluster

  • Access to the cluster using an account with cluster-admin permissions

  • Ansible playbooks provided by the latest openshift-ansible installer

    1. Add the following variables to your config.yml playbook:

    2. Change to the playbook directory:

      $ cd /usr/share/ansible/openshift-ansible
    3. Run the OLM installation playbook to uninstall OLM using your inventory file:

      $ ansible-playbook -i <inventory_file> playbooks/olm/config.yml