Helm is a software package manager that simplifies deployment of applications and services to OKD clusters.

Helm uses a packaging format called charts. A Helm chart is a collection of files that describes the OKD resources.

A running instance of the chart in a cluster is called a release. A new release is created every time a chart is installed on the cluster.

Each time a chart is installed, or a release is upgraded or rolled back, an incremental revision is created.

Key features

Helm provides the ability to:

  • Search through a large collection of charts stored in the chart repository.

  • Modify existing charts.

  • Create your own charts with OKD or Kubernetes resources.

  • Package and share your applications as charts.

Red Hat Certification of Helm charts for OpenShift

You can choose to verify and certify your Helm charts by Red Hat for all the components you will be deploying on the Red Hat OKD. Charts go through an automated Red Hat OpenShift certification workflow that guarantees security compliance as well as best integration and experience with the platform. Certification assures the integrity of the chart and ensures that the Helm chart works seamlessly on Red Hat OpenShift clusters.

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