As a cluster administrator, you can modify the new project template to automatically include network policies when you create a new project. If you do not yet have a customized template for new projects, you must first create one.

Modifying the template for new projects

As a cluster administrator, you can modify the default project template so that new projects are created using your custom requirements.

To create your own custom project template:

  1. Log in as a user with cluster-admin privileges.

  2. Generate the default project template:

    $ oc adm create-bootstrap-project-template -o yaml > template.yaml
  3. Use a text editor to modify the generated template.yaml file by adding objects or modifying existing objects.

  4. The project template must be created in the openshift-config namespace. Load your modified template:

    $ oc create -f template.yaml -n openshift-config
  5. Edit the project configuration resource using the web console or CLI.

    • Using the web console:

      1. Navigate to the AdministrationCluster Settings page.

      2. Click Global Configuration to view all configuration resources.

      3. Find the entry for Project and click Edit YAML.

    • Using the CLI:

      1. Edit the project.config.openshift.io/cluster resource:

        $ oc edit project.config.openshift.io/cluster
  6. Update the spec section to include the projectRequestTemplate and name parameters, and set the name of your uploaded project template. The default name is project-request.

    Project configuration resource with custom project template
    apiVersion: config.openshift.io/v1
    kind: Project
        name: <template_name>
  7. After you save your changes, create a new project to verify that your changes were successfully applied.

Adding network policies to the new project template

As a cluster administrator, you can add network policies to the default template for new projects. OKD will automatically create all the NetworkPolicy objects specified in the template in the project.

  • Your cluster uses a default CNI network provider that supports NetworkPolicy objects, such as the OpenShift SDN network provider with mode: NetworkPolicy set. This mode is the default for OpenShift SDN.

  • You installed the OpenShift CLI (oc).

  • You must log in to the cluster with a user with cluster-admin privileges.

  • You must have created a custom default project template for new projects.

  1. Edit the default template for a new project by running the following command:

    $ oc edit template <project_template> -n openshift-config

    Replace <project_template> with the name of the default template that you configured for your cluster. The default template name is project-request.

  2. In the template, add each NetworkPolicy object as an element to the objects parameter. The objects parameter accepts a collection of one or more objects.

    In the following example, the objects parameter collection includes several NetworkPolicy objects.

    - apiVersion: networking.k8s.io/v1
      kind: NetworkPolicy
        name: allow-from-same-namespace
        podSelector: {}
        - from:
          - podSelector: {}
    - apiVersion: networking.k8s.io/v1
      kind: NetworkPolicy
        name: allow-from-openshift-ingress
        - from:
          - namespaceSelector:
                network.openshift.io/policy-group: ingress
        podSelector: {}
        - Ingress
  3. Optional: Create a new project to confirm that your network policy objects are created successfully by running the following commands:

    1. Create a new project:

      $ oc new-project <project> (1)
      1 Replace <project> with the name for the project you are creating.
    2. Confirm that the network policy objects in the new project template exist in the new project:

      $ oc get networkpolicy
      NAME                           POD-SELECTOR   AGE
      allow-from-openshift-ingress   <none>         7s
      allow-from-same-namespace      <none>         7s