You can remove the OpenShift Compliance Operator from your cluster by using the OKD web console.

Uninstalling the OpenShift Compliance Operator from OKD

To remove the Compliance Operator, you must first delete the Compliance Operator custom resource definitions (CRDs). After the CRDs are removed, you can then remove the Operator and its namespace by deleting the openshift-compliance project.

  • Access to an OKD cluster using an account with cluster-admin permissions.

  • The OpenShift Compliance Operator must be installed.


To remove the Compliance Operator by using the OKD web console:

  1. Navigate to the OperatorsInstalled Operators page.

  2. Delete all ScanSettingBinding, ComplainceSuite, ComplianceScan, and ProfileBundle objects.

  3. Switch to the AdministrationOperatorsInstalled Operators page.

  4. Click the Options menu kebab on the Compliance Operator entry and select Uninstall Operator.

  5. Switch to the HomeProjects page.

  6. Search for 'compliance'.

  7. Click the Options menu kebab next to the openshift-compliance project, and select Delete Project.

    1. Confirm the deletion by typing openshift-compliance in the dialog box, and click Delete.