As a developer, you can export your application in the ZIP file format. Based on your needs, import the exported application to another project in the same cluster or a different cluster by using the Import YAML option in the +Add view. Exporting your application helps you to reuse your application resources and saves your time.


  • You have installed the gitops-primer Operator from the OperatorHub.

    The Export application option is disabled in the Topology view even after installing the gitops-primer Operator.

  • You have created an application in the Topology view to enable Export application.


  1. In the developer perspective, perform one of the following steps:

    1. Navigate to the +Add view and click Export application in the Application portability tile.

    2. Navigate to the Topology view and click Export application.

  2. Click OK in the Export Application dialog box. A notification opens to confirm that the export of resources from your project has started.

  3. Optional steps that you might need to perform in the following scenarios:

    • If you have started exporting an incorrect application, click Export applicationCancel Export.

    • If your export is already in progress and you want to start a fresh export, click Export applicationRestart Export.

    • If you want to view logs associated with exporting an application, click Export application and the View Logs link.

      export application dialog box
  4. After a successful export, click Download in the dialog box to download application resources in ZIP format onto your machine.