The External DNS Operator deploys and manages ExternalDNS to provide the name resolution for services and routes from the external DNS provider to OKD.

External DNS Operator

The External DNS Operator implements the External DNS API from the olm.openshift.io API group. The External DNS Operator deploys the ExternalDNS using a deployment resource. The ExternalDNS deployment watches the resources such as services and routes in the cluster and updates the external DNS providers.


You can deploy the ExternalDNS Operator on demand from the OperatorHub, this creates a Subscription object.

  1. Check the name of an install plan:

    $ oc -n external-dns-operator get sub external-dns-operator -o yaml | yq '.status.installplan.name'
    Example output
  2. Check the status of an install plan, the status of an install plan must be Complete:

    $ oc -n external-dns-operator get ip <install_plan_name> -o yaml | yq .status.phase'
    Example output
  3. Use the oc get command to view the Deployment status:

    $ oc get -n external-dns-operator deployment/external-dns-operator
    Example output
    NAME                    READY     UP-TO-DATE   AVAILABLE   AGE
    external-dns-operator   1/1       1            1           23h

External DNS Operator logs

You can view External DNS Operator logs by using the oc logs command.

  1. View the logs of the External DNS Operator:

    $ oc logs -n external-dns-operator deployment/external-dns-operator -c external-dns-operator