You can view high-level information about your virtual machines by using the Virtual Machines dashboard in the OKD web console.

About the Virtual Machines dashboard

Access virtual machines (VMs) from the OKD web console by navigating to the VirtualizationVirtualMachines page and clicking a virtual machine (VM) to view the VirtualMachine details page.

The Overview tab displays the following cards:

  • Details provides identifying information about the virtual machine, including:

    • Name

    • Namespace

    • Date of creation

    • Node name

    • IP address

  • Inventory lists the virtual machine’s resources, including:

    • Network interface controllers (NICs)

    • Disks

  • Status includes:

    • The current status of the virtual machine

    • A note indicating whether or not the QEMU guest agent is installed on the virtual machine

  • Utilization includes charts that display usage data for:

    • CPU

    • Memory

    • Filesystem

    • Network transfer

Use the drop-down list to choose a duration for the utilization data. The available options are 1 Hour, 6 Hours, and 24 Hours.

  • Events lists messages about virtual machine activity over the past hour. To view additional events, click View all.