When using the static CPU Manager policy, you can reserve specific CPUs for use by specific nodes in your cluster. For example, on a system with 24 CPUs, you could reserve CPUs numbered 0 - 3 for the control plane allowing the compute nodes to use CPUs 4 - 23.

Reserving CPUs for nodes

To explicitly define a list of CPUs that are reserved for specific nodes, create a KubeletConfig custom resource (CR) to define the reservedSystemCPUs parameter. This list supersedes the CPUs that might be reserved using the systemReserved parameter.

  1. Obtain the label associated with the machine config pool (MCP) for the type of node you want to configure:

    $ oc describe machineconfigpool <name>

    For example:

    $ oc describe machineconfigpool worker
    Example output
    Name:         worker
    Labels:       machineconfiguration.openshift.io/mco-built-in=
                  pools.operator.machineconfiguration.openshift.io/worker= (1)
    Annotations:  <none>
    API Version:  machineconfiguration.openshift.io/v1
    Kind:         MachineConfigPool
    1 Get the MCP label.
  2. Create a YAML file for the KubeletConfig CR:

    apiVersion: machineconfiguration.openshift.io/v1
    kind: KubeletConfig
      name: set-reserved-cpus (1)
        reservedSystemCPUs: "0,1,2,3" (2)
          pools.operator.machineconfiguration.openshift.io/worker: "" (3)
    1 Specify a name for the CR.
    2 Specify the core IDs of the CPUs you want to reserve for the nodes associated with the MCP.
    3 Specify the label from the MCP.
  3. Create the CR object:

    $ oc create -f <file_name>.yaml
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