Virtual machines can have resources of a node, such as CPU, dedicated to them to improve performance.

About dedicated resources

When you enable dedicated resources for your virtual machine, your virtual machine’s workload is scheduled on CPUs that will not be used by other processes. By using dedicated resources, you can improve the performance of the virtual machine and the accuracy of latency predictions.


  • The CPU Manager must be configured on the node. Verify that the node has the cpumanager = true label before scheduling virtual machine workloads.

Enabling dedicated resources for a virtual machine template

You enable dedicated resources for a virtual machine template in the Details tab. Virtual machines that were created from a Red Hat template can be configured with dedicated resources.

  1. In the OKD console, click VirtualizationTemplates from the side menu.

  2. Select a virtual machine template to open the Template details page.

  3. On the Scheduling tab, click the edit icon beside Dedicated Resources.

  4. Select Schedule this workload with dedicated resources (guaranteed policy).

  5. Click Save.