You can use the Developer perspective in the web console to update, rollback, or uninstall a Helm release.


Upgrading a Helm release

You can upgrade a Helm release to upgrade to a new chart version or update your release configuration.

  1. In the Topology view, select the Helm release to see the side panel.

  2. Click ActionsUpgrade Helm Release.

  3. In the Upgrade Helm Release page, select the Chart Version you want to upgrade to, and then click Upgrade to create another Helm release. The Helm Releases page displays the two revisions.

Rolling back a Helm release

If a release fails, you can rollback the Helm release to a previous version.


To rollback a release using the Helm view:

  1. In the Developer perspective, navigate to the Helm view to see the Helm Releases in the namespace.

  2. Click the Options menu kebab adjoining the listed release, and select Rollback.

  3. In the Rollback Helm Release page, select the Revision you want to rollback to and click Rollback.

  4. In the Helm Releases page, click on the chart to see the details and resources for that release.

  5. Go to the Revision History tab to see all the revisions for the chart.

    odc helm revision history
    Figure 1. Helm revision history
  6. If required, you can further use the Options menu kebab adjoining a particular revision and select the revision to rollback to.

Uninstalling a Helm release

  1. In the Topology view, right-click the Helm release and select Uninstall Helm Release.

  2. In the confirmation prompt, enter the name of the chart and click Uninstall.