The Virtualization Overview page provides a comprehensive view of virtualization resources, details, status, and top consumers:

  • The Overview tab displays Getting started resources, details, inventory, alerts, and other information about your OKD Virtualization environment.

  • The Top consumers tab displays high utilization of a specific resource by projects, virtual machines, or nodes.

  • The Migrations tab displays the status of live migrations.

  • The Settings tab displays cluster-wide settings, including live migration settings and user permissions.

By gaining an insight into the overall health of OKD Virtualization, you can determine if intervention is required to resolve specific issues identified by examining the data.

Reviewing top consumers

You can view the top consumers of resources for a selected project, virtual machine, or node on the Top consumers tab of the Virtualization Overview page.

  • You must have access to the cluster as a user with the cluster-admin role.

  • To use the vCPU wait metric on the Top consumers tab, you must apply the schedstats=enable kernel argument to the MachineConfig object.

  1. In the Administrator perspective in the OKD web console, navigate to VirtualizationOverview.

  2. Click the Top consumers tab.

  3. Optional: You can filter the results by selecting a time period or by selecting the 5 or 10 top consumers.