Monitoring live migration by using the web console

You can monitor the progress of all live migrations on the Overview → Migrations tab in the web console.

You can view the migration metrics of a virtual machine on the VirtualMachine details → Metrics tab in the web console.

Monitoring live migration of a virtual machine instance in the CLI

The status of the virtual machine migration is stored in the Status component of the VirtualMachineInstance configuration.

  • Use the oc describe command on the migrating virtual machine instance:

    $ oc describe vmi vmi-fedora
    Example output
        Last Probe Time:       <nil>
        Last Transition Time:  <nil>
        Status:                True
        Type:                  LiveMigratable
      Migration Method:  LiveMigration
      Migration State:
        Completed:                    true
        End Timestamp:                2018-12-24T06:19:42Z
        Migration UID:                d78c8962-0743-11e9-a540-fa163e0c69f1
        Source Node:                  node2.example.com
        Start Timestamp:              2018-12-24T06:19:35Z
        Target Node:                  node1.example.com
        Target Node Address:
        Target Node Domain Detected:  true


You can use Prometheus queries to monitor live migration.

Live migration metrics

The following metrics can be queried to show live migration status:


The amount of guest operating system (OS) data that has migrated to the new virtual machine (VM). Type: Gauge.


The amount of guest OS data that remains to be migrated. Type: Gauge.


The rate at which memory is becoming dirty in the guest OS. Dirty memory is data that has been changed but not yet written to disk. Type: Gauge.


The number of pending migrations. Type: Gauge.


The number of scheduling migrations. Type: Gauge.


The number of running migrations. Type: Gauge.


The number of successfully completed migrations. Type: Gauge.


The number of failed migrations. Type: Gauge.