To get started using the dynamic plugin, you must set up your environment to write a new OKD dynamic plugin. For an example of how to write a new plugin, see Adding a tab to the pods page.

Dynamic plugin development

You can run the plugin using a local development environment. The OKD web console runs in a container connected to the cluster you have logged into.

  • You must have an OpenShift cluster running.

  • You must have the OpenShift CLI (oc) installed.

  • You must have yarn installed.

  • You must have Docker v3.2.0 or newer or Podman installed and running.

  1. In your terminal, run the following command to install the dependencies for your plugin using yarn.

    $ yarn install
  2. After installing, run the following command to start yarn.

    $ yarn run start
  3. In another terminal window, login to the OKD through the CLI.

    $ oc login
  4. Run the OKD web console in a container connected to the cluster you have logged into by running the following command:

    $ yarn run start-console
  • Visit localhost:9000 to view the running plugin. Inspect the value of window.SERVER_FLAGS.consolePlugins to see the list of plugins which load at runtime.