In OKD version 4.12, you can add more compute machines to a user-provisioned OKD cluster on oVirt.

  • You installed a cluster on oVirt with user-provisioned infrastructure.

Adding more compute machines to a cluster on oVirt

  1. Modify the inventory.yml file to include the new workers.

  2. Run the create-templates-and-vms Ansible playbook to create the disks and virtual machines:

    $ ansible-playbook -i inventory.yml create-templates-and-vms.yml
  3. Run the workers.yml Ansible playbook to start the virtual machines:

    $ ansible-playbook -i inventory.yml workers.yml
  4. CSRs for new workers joining the cluster must be approved by the administrator. The following command helps to approve all pending requests:

    $ oc get csr -ojson | jq -r '.items[] | select(.status == {} ) | .metadata.name' | xargs oc adm certificate approve