The installation workflows documented in this section are for IBM Cloud® infrastructure environments. IBM Cloud® classic is not supported at this time. For more information about the difference between classic and VPC infrastructures, see the IBM® documentation.


Requirements for installing OKD on IBM Cloud

Before installing OKD on IBM Cloud®, you must create a service account and configure an IBM Cloud® account. See Configuring an IBM Cloud® account for details about creating an account, enabling API services, configuring DNS, IBM Cloud® account limits, and supported IBM Cloud® regions.

You must manually manage your cloud credentials when installing a cluster to IBM Cloud®. Do this by configuring the Cloud Credential Operator (CCO) for manual mode before you install the cluster. For more information, see Configuring IAM for IBM Cloud®.

Choosing a method to install OKD on IBM Cloud

You can install OKD on IBM Cloud® using installer-provisioned infrastructure. This process involves using an installation program to provision the underlying infrastructure for your cluster. Installing OKD on IBM Cloud® using user-provisioned infrastructure is not supported at this time.

See Installation process for more information about installer-provisioned installation processes.

Installing a cluster on installer-provisioned infrastructure

You can install a cluster on IBM Cloud® infrastructure that is provisioned by the OKD installation program by using one of the following methods: