As a cluster administrator, you can list the names of any existing egress firewalls and view the traffic rules for a specific egress firewall.

OpenShift SDN CNI is deprecated as of OKD 4.14. As of OKD 4.15, the network plugin is not an option for new installations. In a subsequent future release, the OpenShift SDN network plugin is planned to be removed and no longer supported. Red Hat will provide bug fixes and support for this feature until it is removed, but this feature will no longer receive enhancements. As an alternative to OpenShift SDN CNI, you can use OVN Kubernetes CNI instead.

Viewing an EgressFirewall object

You can view an EgressFirewall object in your cluster.

  • A cluster using the OVN-Kubernetes network plugin.

  • Install the OpenShift Command-line Interface (CLI), commonly known as oc.

  • You must log in to the cluster.

  1. Optional: To view the names of the EgressFirewall objects defined in your cluster, enter the following command:

    $ oc get egressfirewall --all-namespaces
  2. To inspect a policy, enter the following command. Replace <policy_name> with the name of the policy to inspect.

    $ oc describe egressfirewall <policy_name>
    Example output
    Name:		default
    Namespace:	project1
    Created:	20 minutes ago
    Labels:		<none>
    Annotations:	<none>
    Rule:		Allow to
    Rule:		Allow to www.example.com
    Rule:		Deny to